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Resolution Reality and a Plan to Succeed

Challenge: This year, do not ditch those New Year’s resolutions. Tall order, right? We’ll help you shrink it down with some easy shortcuts and a little planning so you can fit your resolutions into your life (instead of the other way around) and make them work for you.

First things first: Resolve to make smarter resolutions by being realistic about time, money and the details. Ready to power through those obstacles? We have tips to help you defeat the inner voices that have you throwing in the towel before March. Here are the top reasons we falter and your troubleshooting guide to clearing the pesky hurdles we call excuses.


Rule number 1: Always have a plan. No matter how big or small your resolution, be specific about your goal and how you’ll achieve it. Saying you’re going to “get organized” sounds great in theory, but it’s too vague to be measured. Instead, plan to spend 5 minutes every evening tackling a simple kitchen project, like throwing out expired spices, sorting through the freezer or junk drawer or prepping snacks for the week.
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If you’re always on the go, resolving to go to the gym every single day or start cooking more healthful meals may not be the most practical goals. First find a way to budget in the time. What activities can you shift or reprioritize? (Facebook will still be there tomorrow!) How about recording your favourite show and watching it on the weekend to fit in gym time? And perhaps made-from-scratch dinners are out of reach right now, so the better resolution might be to equip your body with a healthy breakfast. (If your mornings are hectic, consider making it the night before.)
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You want to join a gym? Learn to play the guitar? Train for a marathon? Be specific with your new years resolutions and realistic about your budget, then have a plan to get your money’s worth. Perhaps your goal is to take a yoga class after work. Worried about the cost? Barter with yourself! Save money for your activity by packing your own lunch every day. Challenge yourself to 30 days of DIY lunches and watch your workout fund grow!
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then pop in the microwave for quick and healthy lunches or easy dinners on busy nights.


You want to lose 30 pounds, eat only organic foods and prepare everything from scratch? You might be, ahem, biting off more than you can chew. Before you declare your new commitments, take a moment to be realistic—and use your resolutions to establish smaller milestones that’ll lead you toward your long-term goals. Be strategic by considering simple habits that will help you on a daily basis, and then set some attainable benchmarks. If healthy eating and weight loss is what you’re after, identify a guilty pleasure food you can replace at least 3 times a week. Having some quantifiable evidence will help you stay motivated and feel proud of your achievements, so find a simple way to keep track of your progress, whether it’s a checkmark on the calendar or a food diary.
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Going it alone can be hard when there’s no one to help hold you accountable. Recruit a friend or family member to share your resolution with you, and that encouragement will go a long way. Take turns packing healthy lunches for each other or pick two days a week to go for a morning walk. Take that class together and carpool. Sharing is caring, so your relationship will benefit, too. You can do it!
TIP: Make a meal deal. Arrange a healthy soup and salad swap with a pal. Delivering it is easy and mess-free when you use a container like the PYREX NO-LEAK LIDS™4-CUP ROUND STORAGE.

When you’re realistic and flexible about the journey, your success is much more likely. Focus on what you can do, call in help when you need it and before you know it, your New Years resolutions will be a solid accomplishment or healthy habit you won’t be tempted to ditch.

YOUR TURN: What’s your advice for overcoming hurdles on the way to a goal?