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Pie Chart: From Top to Bottom

No matter how you slice it, everybody loves a freshly made pie! “Seconds, please.” “Just a sliver!” “Oh, I really shouldn’t…” There are many perfectly acceptable replies that’ll get you a forkful of this all-around favourite (and “No, thanks” is never the right answer). But with so many yummy options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is just right for the occasion at hand. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to examine all parts of this appealing dish (yep, tough job!) to help you decide which flavourful combo is best for which craving, er, situation. Whichever pie(s) you decide to whip up, be sure to use a PYREX®EASY GRAB™ 9.5 PIE PLATE to ensure even baking and fuss-free serving and storage.


Simple or elegant, sweet or tart, homemade fruit pies are a timeless treat and always a hit.

  • CRUSTS: Pastry or graham? Both of these crust options are pretty simple, but there’s really no need to get complicated. Either option will complement your fruity filling beautifully.
  • FILLINGS: Fruit, of course! Fresh is best, but frozen (thawed) or canned filling do the trick, too. Blueberry, cherry, strawberry or apple are all time-honored and delicious choices, but don’t feel like you’re limited to the classics. Why not give kiwi or mango a try? Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, mix together some fun combos like strawberry-rhubarb, mixed berry or peach-plum.
  • TOPPINGS: Crowning your fruit pie with a crumble or streusel before baking, or a dollop of whipped topping just before serving, is a quick and tasty solution. But if you’re looking to show off your culinary creativity, a traditional or decorative pie crust will let your artistic talents shine. From lattice to leaf-shaped cutouts on the vine, check out these pie crust design inspirations from Solo Foods.


Whether you’re serving dessert at home or bringing a dish to pass at the neighbourhood cookout, an indulgently sweet pie is sure to go fast!

  • CRUSTS: One word—cookies! Chocolate, vanilla, gingersnap or oatmeal; it’s hard to go wrong with so many tempting options, so get creative. Crush up those cookies and get your bake (or no-bake) on. Graham crackers are also a favourite and go well with any flavour filling. If you like a little salt mixed in with all that sweetness, try a pretzel crust (especially good with chocolate and caramel!).
  • FILLINGS:Make it creamy and smooth. Keep cool with an ice cream pie on a hot summer day, or fill your pie with chocolate mousse or lemon pudding for a refreshing but less chilly treat. Other decadent favourites include coconut or banana cream, Key lime and peanut butter.
  • TOPPINGS:Candy, cookies, crumbles or whipped topping—almost anything with a bit more sugar works! Why choose just one? Need a little extra crunch or a taste of salt? Sprinkle chopped nuts, mini candies or chocolate chips on top. Feeling artistic? Add a drizzle of butterscotch, caramel or melted white chocolate, and make it truly irresistible.


Luckily, pie isn’t just for dessert! These hearty options make for a delish dinner that’s quick, easy and filling.

  • CRUSTS:  Homemade or store-bought? If you don’t have time to make pastry from scratch, there are good options available at the grocery store—either packaged pastry in the refrigerated section that simply needs to be unrolled and placed in the pie plate, or pie crusts in the freezer section (regular or deep-dish) that are ready to be filled.
  • FILLINGS: Mix and match your favourite meats (chicken and beef are nearly foolproof) and veggies (think peas, carrots, bell peppers, zucchini, onion or mushrooms). Pot pies get their comfort-food vibe from a creamy gravy—make it as light or rich as your mood dictates. And be sure to add a little zip with seasonings and fresh herbs.
  • TOPPINGS: Go with a second layer of pastry, bread crumbs, cheese or even mashed potatoes for a shepherd’s-type pie, then simply pop it in the oven and dinner is served!

Need more inspiration? Check out a few of our favourite World Kitchen pie recipes:

Hopefully we made it a little bit easier to decide what to make…or did we just fill up your to-do list?

YOUR TURN: Which is your impossible-to-turn-down flavour?