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Love Salads in a Jar, But Think They’re Impractical? Try This!

Layered jar salads have become all the rage, and for good reason! The strategic packing shows off all the veggie beauty and they make for a healthy, portable meal. But when lunchtime rolls around, the mason jar’s narrow opening can leave you fishing for the perfect bite.

Instead of mashing mix-ins into a mason jar, turn your salad-in-a-jar concept into a “skinny salad shaker” by packing in a Pyrex® round container. Same basic idea, same basic ingredients, but so much easier to eat and enjoy!

Here’s how to make layered lunches that stay fresh until you’re ready to enjoy:


The key to the perfect layered salad is the order in which the ingredients go into the container. Start with your favourite Pyrex round container. For perfect-sized servings, try the PYREX® PREMIUM™ 4 CUP ROUND STORAGE DISH. With a wide rim and tight-fitting red or white lid, you’ll never have dripping dressing or hard-to-reach eats.


Start your salad PREPARATION by adding the dressing to the bottom of the container. This will keep your greens extra crisp, because they aren’t soaking in dressing all day long! Depending on the size of your salad, you’ll typically need 1 to 4 tablespoons of dressing. When selecting flavours, homemade is best. Try one of the favourites featured in Best Dressed: The Secret to Better Salads. Quality store-bought dressings can also do in a pinch.


Add hard veggies (such as carrots, celery or bell peppers) next. The idea here is to create a layer of veggies sturdy enough to stand a good soaking, staying crisp even after they’ve marinated in dressing for several hours. Next, add dense beans, grains or pasta. Black beans, chickpeas or farro are a great way to add pro-fibre and fibre, which will keep you feeling full for hours.


Now that you’ve covered the dressing with a few ingredients, there’s a lot of flexibility with these next layers! Diced meat and crumbled or shredded cheese can add extra protein and lots of flavour. Boost the healthy fats by adding nuts or seeds. The top of the container is also great for layering softer fruits and veggies such as tomatoes, strawberries or avocado. Be bold and let your creativity fly! You really can’t go wrong here, blending complementary flavours and textures for deliciously satisfying salads.


Now that you’ve added all of your ingredients, it’s time to finish with lettuce. Fill your container with a handful of vibrant salad greens. It’s okay to pack the lovely leaves in fairly tight, as the salad will settle a bit. Snap your Pyrex containers shut with the accompanying airtight lids and store in the fridge until lunchtime. When ready to eat, simply shake to combine and grab a fork. You’ll have a healthy, filling and unapologetically delicious lunch all in one super-cute, versatile container.


Though there are hundreds of combinations that make for scrumptious salad shakers, finding a few tried-and-true ideas is a great way to ensure you’ll love your lunch. Here are three of our must-try favourites—perfect for taking along with you (and pretty enough to serve at parties, too).