Providing Kitchen Inspiration since 1915

The Origins of Pyrex Glassware

The Pyrex brand story starts with equal parts of American invention and creativity. The heat-tempered glass that is the foundation of the Pyrex brand was created years earlier by Corning Glass scientists charged with developing lantern glass for railroads. They needed to tackle a particular problem—the heat of the lantern flame conspired with the cold air of winter to shatter traditional glass. They needed a glass that could handle changes in temperature.

By 1913, the glass was used in a number of industrial applications. But it found its way into the kitchen when Bessie Littleton, wife of a Corning scientist, asked her husband to bring home some glass to use in place of a broken casserole dish. He gave her the sawed-off bottoms of some battery jars.

A cake was baked, an iconic brand was born and, as they say, the rest was history.

Like the properties of the glass, the core benefits of Pyrex brand cookware remain the same to this day:

  • Easy to clean
  • Glass is oven safe
  • Glass doesn’t absorb stains or odours
  • Uniform baking


That homespun ingenuity has infused the Pyrex brand in the decades since. Pyrex brand’s designers develop practical refinements and unexpected uses for their products. Far more than a simple bakeware, it inspired new kinds of recipes, budgeting advice and decorating tips—all of which the Pyrex brand has published and shared with its customers. Over the years, the brand has encouraged efficiency by helping cooks to simplify the process with reliable results.

Explore the evolution of a century of Pyrex glassware — and get ready to be inspired and share.